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BTC Technology Camp



Welcome to BTC and to the BTC Library! This page will get you started using many of the College's online tools.

Questions about accessing these technologies should be directed to the BTC Library, or (360)752-8383.

Reset your network password

reset password imageFirst, go to the Reset Your Password form. This will allow you to choose your own password from the default.

This will set your password for using campus computer labs, student email, printing, BTC Portal for financial aid and remotely accessing your files. This will NOT set your password for Canvas.

You will need your username (smith1234), Student ID number (9 digits), date of birth and your PIN, which is your birthday in 6 digits (120193 for a person born December 1, 1993).

Did you change your PIN from the default? Reset your PIN to your birthday in 6 digits.