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BTC Technology Camp : Online Version

Organizing and Saving your Work

Organizing your work and saving it in a safe, available, and accessible place, are keys to student success.  BTC technology  can help you with this!

  • BTC offers digital storage space for students in two ways:
    • The Student U: drive 
      • Log into the BTC network to utilize the U: drive
      • Organize your work with folders by classes, or however it makes sense to you
    • OneDrive is your student email storage drive
      • Find OneDrive by logging into your student email (see video 3 in this series).
  • Flash Drives are available to check out for the quarter at the BTC Library. Contact us by email to arrange borrowing: .
  • Laptop hard drives often clear all unsaved materials when you log off or turn off the machine. Be careful!
  • Use email to send yourself links to articles or research you want to save.  Or email yourself class notes!
  • Learning online makes us focus on digital tools, and we know it takes time to figure it all out!  Let us know if you need help.