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Research Workshop (with short how-to videos)

Tips, Guides, and Videos to help you on your research quest!

Best Time to Start Organizing? Yesterday.


Establish a research process that sets up the way you will capture and retain the citations, full text of articles, PDFs, or other search results that you find most useful.

  • Open a WORD or Google document, or an email to send to yourself.  
  • DO NOT rely on open tabs or even flash drives.  BACK UP YOUR WORK.
  • Watch the "Online Searching Tips" video (also in this series) to learn how to capture article citations from databases, saving you time and energy.
  • Grab those citations and add to your WORD doc, Google doc, or email to yourself.  Most databases also let you email citations directly.
  • Also write down keywords that worked (or didn’t) and filters that you used (full-text, peer reviewed, etc.)
  • You may want to set up an email address just for your research ( or dust off your BTC email!
  • Collect your citations, PDFs, full text links, URLs, or whatever you have gleaned from database searching.
  • BE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK your citation formats before you turn in your paper - computer generated citations can be wrong.
  • You CAN print out articles or send the PDF to yourself via email or download to your computer.  This is also demonstrated in the "Online Searching Tips" video.
  • BUDGET YOUR TIME.  The references and formatting of your paper will take time, so plan for that!