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Evidence-Based Practice

EBP Tutorial

An EBP tutorial is available (interactive video as well as text-based versions) from the Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives.  CLICK HERE to access the page and choose either the video tutorial or the text-based tutorial.  

Evidence-Based Practice Research

Evidence-based practice


Evidence-based medicine is

the "conscientious, explicit and judicious use

of current best evidence in making decisions

about the care of individual patients".

Sackett, D. L., Rosenberg, W. M., Gray, J. A., Haynes, R. B., & Richardson, W. S. (1996). Evidence based medicine: What it is and what it isn’t. BMJ : British Medical Journal312(7023), 71–72. Click on link to see the full article Evidence Based Medicine.

The 5 Step EBP Process



Graphic from Medical College of Wisconsin LibGuide.  Accessed 9/19/19.