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Reset your ctcLink password or Network password


IF you were a student before the ctcLink conversion in Winter 2021, use the Password Reset page and click on "You can also login using SID/PIN."


  • Your network/email username is: your last name and the last four numbers of your ctcLink ID OR your original BTC SID number.
  • This page will help you to locate your old SID number.
  • For more information, the two tabs in this section provide information and screen shots for how to reset your password. This page explains the difference between the two ID/Login types.

 Call the Library if the reset tools don’t work; some accounts may need to be reset manually.


Not sure about your ID number?  Contact the Library for assistance!  360-752-8383


Spanish Language Version / Versión española

Versión española: BTC Technology Camp (Spanish)