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Student Email Login

1.  Begin by going to the BTC Student Email login page.  

2.  Your user name ("Email ,phone, or Skype") is your last name and the last 4 digits of your student ID   Be sure to use the extension (example:   Click "NEXT."  

3.  Input your password when prompted.  Use this LINK if you need to reset your password; IF you were a student before the ctcLink conversion in Winter 2021, use the Password Reset page and click on "You can also login using SID/PIN."   For help, or more information, contact the Library ( or 360-752-8383).  

4.  You are IN!  The maximum  size  of  your  mailbox  is  25GB, and the maximum  size  of  attachments  per  mailing  is  25MB.  More information about student email can be found the the BTC Student Email PDF.