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Faculty Support: TEN THINGS we want you to know

Faculty Resource Room

The Faculty Resource Room in the BTC Library is available to faculty and staff who need a quiet, dedicated workspace.  The room houses our Teaching and Learning Collection, a diverse selection of materials focused on the philosophy and practice of education.  

The room is furnished with a desktop computer and monitor and basic office supplies and tools.  It's a great place if you need a new creative environment or a getaway from your office. 

Microsoft Office Download for Faculty

Faculty may download the Microsoft Office Suite on a personal device via your web-based email account. Log in using your Network ID and password.  Our video tutorial for downloading MS Office is a quick way to learn this simple download procedure.

Looking for Microsoft ACCESS?

MS ACCESS is a little tricky to find in the MS Office Suite.  Follow these instructions, but remember you can also find MS ACCESS via Remote Desktop and that Macs and Chromebooks will not be able to support this software.  Only PCs can download MS ACCESS.


1.  Log into your BTC Staff Email.  

2.  Once you are into your BTC Staff Email (Outlook), find your initials up in the top right corner.

ACCESS will download with all of the other software programs that make up MS Office.

That's It!