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Library Resources / Off-Campus Access

Help accessing library content from off campus

Off-Campus Library Database Access

Access Library Resources from Off Campus

To access library content from off campus, you will need to log in using your BTC network username and password.  When you select an article from the catalog from off campus, this login screen will appear.  

*Important - When entering your network password, type it in. Do not copy and paste, and do not use saved usernames and password auto fill. 

Forgot your Password? Learn about password reset here.
Forgot your SID (Student ID)

If these do not work, please send an email to the Library
Provide: full name, student ID number,
how to contact you (email, phone number),
and the problem or what happens when you try to login

  1. Trouble logging in?

              I get an error message saying that the username and password are invalid.

              I get an error message about cookies.

              I've reset my password but I still cannot login.

              I need help!

              See the Student Computer Login Guide for more information on your network ID.